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Founded in 2019, HYP Global partners with leading universities and institutions to deliver innovative, well-grounded and reputable international programs that help students and partners thrive. Together with our valued partner, Lehigh University, College of Business, HYP launched a distinctive online pre-master’s program in 2019 that sets apart from other existing programs, and it has proven to be a highly efficient and effective program for the students as well as the university.

Thus far, we have formed successful partnership with the University of California, Riverside (School of Business & School of Engineering), Pepperdine University (School of Business) and Kent State University to collaborate on and implement relevant admission marketing strategies.

  • 9 University partners
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Help universities find their stars, and students find their sparks.


What are the popular emerging majors for studying in the United States

Online media is a rapidly growing field in the media and news industry, and new media majors combine traditional news courses with digital media design and management. Some schools place more emphasis on computer technology and web design, such as the San Francisco Institute of the Arts

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U.S. undergraduate visa policy for Chinese students

Many students have the idea of wanting to work in the United States when applying to study in the United States. However, for internship in the United States, you need to apply for OPT. Not only is it difficult to apply for OPT, but the deadline is only 12 months. This makes many international students feel very impressed. Helpless...

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What are the key factors to consider when choosing a bachelor's degree to study in the United States?

The education resources in the United States are mainly distributed on the east and west coasts, the Central Five Lakes region, and Texas, which are also the geographical areas that Chinese students like to choose. If you prefer convenient transportation and don't like connecting flights, you can choose some big cities that can fly directly from China. Usually, big cities have a lot of educational resources

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