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Where Universities Find Their Stars, and Students Find Their Spark

Founded in 2019, HYP Global partners with leading universities and institutions to deliver innovative, well-grounded and reputable international programs that help students and partners thrive. Together with our valued partner, Lehigh University, College of Business, HYP launched a distinctive online pre-master’s program in 2019 that sets apart from other existing programs, and it has proven to be a highly efficient and effective program for the students as well as the university.

Thus far, we have formed successful partnership with the University of California, Riverside (School of Business & School of Engineering), Pepperdine University (School of Business) and Kent State University to collaborate on and implement relevant admission marketing strategies.

  • 9 University partners
  • 100+ Major and degree programs
  • 1000+ Annual number of applicants
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Help universities find their stars, and students find their sparks.