We do not cooperate with many schools, but we really understand the characteristics and needs of the schools and carry out targeted recruitment. This kind of cooperation is meaningful.

We focus on recruiting students in China and have a professional and mature team so that we can concentrate on getting things done.


Custom made

We will customize a plan that best suits the interests of both parties and the market based on the needs of the institution, and will not blindly provide a unified standard plan.



We have proven to have very successful results and our collaboration is based on results.

  • HYP team understands our recruitment standards and targets and delivers in a very efficient and professional way. They are proactive in exploring, enhancing and contributing to new ways of engaging prospective as well as admitted students, which has been instrumental in boosting enrollment.

    Chris Gao
    Assistant Director of Recruitment, Graziadio, Pepperdine University
  • We enjoy working with HYP, as they fully understand what we are looking for and were able to come up with a tailored strategy that takes care of both long term and short term needs. The biggest takeaway for us is a better understanding of the Chinese market, more interaction with applicants, and both lead to an increased enrollment.

    Linda Lenaghan
    Assistant Director of Recruitment, Graziadio, Pepperdine University